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Universal announces Songclip deal

By | Published on Tuesday 14 June 2022


Universal Music has announced one of those super fun multi-year global strategic partnerships with Songclip, a music tech company that seeks to make it easier for app makers to include music clips in their products.

Songclip – which previously announced a strategic partnership with Warner Music (it was also multi-year, global and super fun) – aims to help companies making non-music apps that nevertheless use music to access the musical tracks and/or clips they need more easily, without having to go about the major task of directly licensing songs and recordings from the music industry.

This is good for the music industry, because removing all that hassle means more apps making use of more music and paying royalties for the privilege.

And if you don’t believe me, here’s Songclip co-CEO Andy Blacker saying just that, but in a more confusing way: “Clips are a foundational asset class that drive multiple new revenue streams for artists and their music. We built Songclip to allow for accountable partnerships between apps and the music industry, with a key mission of empowering social consumption and discovery”.

Confirming the new deal with Songclip – which covers both recording and song rights – Universal’s EVP Digital Strategy Michael Nash says: “As industry leaders in forging digital ecosystem partnerships, we are always looking for innovative ways to engage audiences, creators and services across consumer apps and social platforms. Our ongoing, elevated relationship with Songclip allows us to extend our reach in the digital ecosystem, with proper management and monetisation for the intellectual property of our artists’ music”.