Oct 5, 2023 1 min read

Downtown announces deal with The Outer Voice Company

Downtown Music has announced a partnership with the new publishing division at The Outer Voice Company, which champions music from South Asian creators in the US

Downtown announces deal with The Outer Voice Company

Downtown Music Publishing has announced a partnership with The Outer Voice Company - which "exists to create unprecedented opportunity and representation for South Asians in American entertainment" - and which has now set up a music publishing division.

Under the partnership, Downtown will work with Outer Voice founders JAM & Philly "in a shared commitment to drive impactful exposure, promotion and awareness for South Asian songwriters and their catalogue. Both companies will be administering works globally, procuring sync placements, and creating original composition opportunities for a wide-ranging roster of songwriters across the South Asian diaspora".

Say JAM & Philly: "Publishing is an often missed and misunderstood side of the industry for independent artists. As we were working with artists on the label side, we learned that many had not even known to register with a [collecting society] to collect composition royalties. Publishing administration and sync placements are critical to earn a full-time living through music, and only more so for an underrepresented community like ours".

Jedd Katrancha, Chief Commercial Officer at Downtown Music Publishing, adds: "It is a significant and crucial time for South Asian creators in the music industry. Downtown aligns with and deeply supports the vision of Outer Voice to break down cultural barriers and see a new wave of songwriters take centre stage. We look forward to working closely with the Outer Voice Publishing team and providing their songwriters with the resources needed to establish South Asian voices and drive impact across their catalogue".

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