Oct 12, 2023 3 min read

One Liners: Audoo, Marika Hackman, EMMA + more

Elton John invests in Audoo; Jess Partridge joins EMMA; new releases from Marika Hackman, Squid, The Haxan Cloak, The Boxer Rebellion, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Slap Rash, and Knife Girl

One Liners: Audoo, Marika Hackman, EMMA + more


Music recognition technology company Audoo confirmed earlier this week that it has secured another $5 million in investment, with Elton John and David Furnish among the latest investors to back to the business, which is seeking to help the music industry more accurately and efficiently pay through public performance royalties. Says John: "Right now, artists are not being paid accurately for their plays because the data simply doesn’t exist. That’s why we’ve invested in Audoo and their world-class technology and data, to help create a more transparent system for everyone, and ultimately to keep the music alive".


The European Music Managers Alliance has appointed Jess Partridge as Executive Director. "I'm excited to join the EMMA team, bringing my skills and knowledge to strengthen the organisation and its members while increasing its wider impact on the music community”, she says. “Managers and artists are at the heart of the industry; supporting their development, and representing their interests on a European scale is key to having a stronger music ecosystem”.


Marika Hackman has released new single ‘Hanging’. The song, she says, “is reflecting on a difficult past relationship and how you can trap yourself in a situation where you’re unable to grow into the next stage of your life. The line ‘yeah you were a part of me, I'm so relieved it hurts’ is describing how painful it still is to break up even if it's not right”. Her new album ‘Big Sigh’ is out on 12 Jan and she has announced UK tour dates in March next year.
Squid have released a new short film made by director Ivana Bobic and performance artist Ted Rogers in response to the band’s latest album ‘O Monolith’. “For me, uninhibited dance in a social format is far more appealing than very constructed dance”, says Rogers. “The natural feeling of ecstasy that occurs from duration and expulsion is somewhat spiritual in my opinion. It seemed an easy pairing as raves happen in both industrial and pastoral settings”.
The Haxan Cloak has released new track ‘N/Y’, his first solo release in a decade and the first on his new record label Archaic Devices. “‘N/Y’ is a feeling I’ve had for a really long time”, he says. “It was made with the intention of being something that I could play live only, and was just this burst of intensity that could re-contextualise anywhere I would play it in. I kept working on it and it became something that I wanted to hear regardless of the context”.
The Boxer Rebellion are back with their first new single in five years, ‘Powdered Sugar’. “This is a song about love and having the perfect partner, when your relationship is in its infancy and there's constant adrenaline with butterflies in the stomach - the anticipation of what could be”, says vocalist Nathan Nicholson. “I just wanted to try and capture some of that feeling of optimism in the lyrics”.
Jaakko Eino Kalevi has released new single ‘Drift Away’. “Missing someone is the most romantic thing and this is a romantic song”, he says. ”It started out as an ancient jam we once had at a rehearsal place a long time ago, but this one had certain elements that stuck in my mind and I knew I’d use them in a song one day”. His new album ‘Chaos Magic’ is out on 17 Nov.
Slap Rash have released new single ‘This Note Is Useless’, taken from upcoming EP ‘Catherine Special, which is out on 27 Oct. The song is “a retrospective cry out for help”, says vocalist and drummer Amelia Lloyd. “Things I wish I could’ve said, things I wish I did. This song was written to be screamed in the face of the person who wronged you. It’s me saying you didn’t listen to me then, you silenced me so I couldn’t speak, so here it is. This is what I would’ve said”.
Knife Girl has released new single ‘Beautiful’. “So often death is framed as a sad thing, and obviously it is sad, but it’s a beautiful thing as well”, she says of the track. “There’s something really amazing about how our memory stays with people even after death. The song is a celebration and I love playing it as the last song in my live set”. Her new album ‘CUM’ is out on 17 Nov.
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