Oct 13, 2023 4 min read

One Liners: Jason Derulo & Meghan Trainor, Dolly Parton, Fred Again + more

Sabrina Carpenter signs to UMPG; Sound Talent opens Nashville office; Dolly Parton’s Apple Music 1 radio show; new music from Jason Derulo and Meghan Trainor, Fred Again, Kid Cudi, Skepta, PinkPantheress, Tom Odell, The Libertines and more; Botch farewell shows, Rogue Jones win Welsh Album Prize

One Liners: Jason Derulo & Meghan Trainor, Dolly Parton, Fred Again + more


Universal Music Publishing has signed Sabrina Carpenter to a worldwide publishing deal. “I am so THIRLLED to have joined the UMPG family and to be a part of an organisation that has such a diverse and iconic catalogue”, she says. “I look forward to bringing my music into a company that houses so many inspirational songwriters and artists”


Booking agency Sound Talent Group has opened a new office in Nashville, overseen by Steve Kaul. “I’m excited to be joining some longtime friends at Sound Talent Group”, he says. “Together, they have built a great agency, and I look forward to working closely with some of the best agents in the business, in a positive environment that is all about developing and growing artists”.


Dolly Parton is to host a four part series on Apple Music 1 called ‘What Would Dolly Do? Radio’ in the run up to the release of her new album ‘Rockstar’. “I’ve lived a life of many colours, and I enjoyed the chance to discuss different areas of my life and career”, she says of the show. “I hope the fans will have as much fun listening as we had recording this!” The first episode will air on 25 Oct.


Jason Derulo and Meghan Trainor have teamed up for new single ‘Hands On Me’.
Fred Again has teamed up with Jozzy for new single ‘Ten’.
Kid Cudi has released new single ‘Heaven’s Galaxy’, a collaboration with the ‘Star Trek’ franchise to coincide with the New York Comic Con this weekend.
Skepta has released new track ‘Can’t Play Myself (A Tribute To Amy)’, which samples Amy Winehouse’s ‘Tears Dry On Their Own’.
PinkPantheress has announced that she will release her debut album ‘Heaven Knows’ on 10 Nov. “The record is about grief for a loss but being at peace with yourself in your aloneness”, she says. “Journeying from hell into purgatory, but I'm OK with being there”. Out now is new single ‘Capable Of Love’.
Tom Odell has announced that he will release his sixth studio album ‘Black Friday’ on 26 Jan 2024. Out now is new single ‘Somebody Else’.
The Libertines have released new single ‘Run Run Run’ and announced that they will release their fourth album ‘All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade’ on 8 Mar. “It's about being trapped, and trying to escape your dismal life, a bit like the man in Bukowski’s ‘Post Office’”, says Carl Barat of the new single. “The worst thing for The Libertines would be to get stuck in a ‘run-run-run’ rut, constantly trying to relive our past”. The band will play two intimate shows at Margate Lido on 9-10 Dec.
Two-time Eurovision winner Loreen has released new single ‘Is It Love’. “It’s a song describing and contemplating a love that's so deep but at the same time filled with confusion”, she says. “It's about realising that to create a deeper understanding of yourself you need to accept the duality of life, that distortion and clarity goes hand in hand and are equally as important”.
Pnau have announced that they will release new album ‘Hyperbolic’ early next year. Out now is new single ‘AEIOU’, billed as a collaboration between Pnau and bandleader Nick Littlemore’s other project Empire Of The Sun. “This is a dream record for us”, says Littlemore. “We’ve had the idea of a vowels-based song [for over fifteen years], but it never came together until now. It turns out it was worth the wait. And in great style we finally present a collaboration with Empire Of The Sun! A voice like no other, let it lead you to the dancefloor”.
Ren releases his new album ‘Sick Boi’ today. Alongside it comes the video for ‘Money Game Part 3’.
Kevin Abstract has announced that he will release new album ‘Blanket’ on 3 Nov. “I wanted to make, like, a Sunny Day Real Estate, Nirvana, Modest Mouse type of record”, he says. “But I wanted it to hit like a rap album”. This follows the recent release of a song also called ‘Blanket’.
Actress has released two new tracks, ‘It’s Me ( g 8 )’ and ‘Oway ( f 7 )’. New album ‘LXXXVIII’ is out on 3 Nov and he will play London’s Studio 9294 on 7 Dec.
Casisdead has released new single ‘Venom’. His debut album ‘Famous Last Words’ is out on 27 Oct.
Jelani Blackman has released new single ‘Feel The Same’. “It’s a reflection of the times we’re in”, he says. “It's like a lost relationship, when you know the best part is over, and you’re hanging onto what’s left, trying to find the love and purpose of things. It’s always the same cycle, except the changing of this relationship is also about reconciling with loss of the innocence we had before COVID, Brexit and the reality of getting older in ideological and economic chaos”. His debut album ‘The Heart Of It’ is out on 10 Nov.
Tom A Smith has released new single ‘Fading Away’. "I wrote this song in a completely different way than I usually do and everything just flowed so beautifully that the demo and everything was completed in under five hours”, he says. “I love space and think the whole thing had a classic vibe. The double meaning of the lyrics and everything works really well for me”.
Dead Times - aka Lee Buford of The Body and Steven Vallot of Muslin - have released new single ‘Be Glad’. Their eponymous debut album is out on 20 Oct.
Hotline TNT have released new single ‘Out Of Town’. These days most people wouldn’t have the foolishness to start a song by singing the words ‘baby girl’”, says frontman Will Anderson. “But I wanted to channel my Minnesotan roots and try it out, Paul Westerberg style”.


Botch have announced three UK dates in Bristol, Manchester and London in March next year, as they bring their reunion to a close. “Playing in Europe has always been a highlight for us”, says vocalist Dave Verellen, "very stoked to have one last run over there”. Tickets are on sale now.


Rogue Jones won this year’s Welsh Album Prize earlier this week for their second album ‘Dos Bebés’. “It means the world, I can’t really put it into words, I’m literally humbled”, said the band’s Bethan Mai, accepting the £10,000 prize. “It’s great that people have listened to the album and enjoyed it to the extent that they have”.
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