May 4, 2024 4 min read

Setlist Podcast: Calls for urgent new AI laws in UK and US

Politicians, artists and industry reps say there is an urgent need for new AI laws, UMG and TikTok are best buds again, and more

Setlist Podcast: Calls for urgent new AI laws in UK and US

On this week's show we discuss the calls on both sides of the Atlantic for new AI laws to protect creators, the big love-in between Universal and TikTok as they finally resolve their differences, and more.

01: AI laws (00:07:00)
02: News in brief (00:20:29)
03: Universal x TikTok (00:23:20)
(Timings may be slightly different due to adverts)


MPs call on UK government to create “a pro-creative industries AI bill”
The All-Party Parliamentary Group On Music has published a report on music and AI making a number of recommendations to government. That includes a “a pro-creative industries AI bill” the clarifies the copyright obligations of AI companies and introduces a new personality right for artists
FKA Twigs and Warner boss tell Senators about the urgent need for a US-wide law to regulate deepfakes
Proposals to introduce a new US-wide law to allow people to stop the unofficial use of AI to replicate their voice and likeness were discussed in Congress yesterday, with FKA Twigs and Warner Music boss Robert Kyncl among those providing their perspectives
Universal and TikTok are best buds again
Universal Music has agreed a new licensing deal with TikTok, ending a three month standoff that saw the major’s music removed from the social media platform. Universal says its new deal properly values music, while providing reassurances about TikTok’s ambitions in AI
Universal boss Lucian Grainge talks up the new TikTok deal which “will protect the integrity and value of human artistry”
Following the news that Universal Music has agreed a new licensing deal with TikTok, boss man Lucian Grainge has sent a memo out to this staff. He confirms that the new deal addresses the major’s concerns around money and platform safety, and especially AI


EU TikTok ban “is not excluded” says European Commission President, as FCC Commissioner says US ban won’t be scuppered in the courts
TikTok is embarking on a court battle in the US to try to block the recently passed sell-or-be-banned law. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr predicts those efforts will fail. Meanwhile, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says a possible future EU TikTok ban can’t be entirely ruled out
CEO of NewJeans label Ador refuses to convene board meeting as parent company HYBE tries to push her out
The boss of HYBE subsidiary Ador - the label behind girl group NewJeans - is refusing to convene a board meeting. It’s part of an ongoing corporate battle between between Ador and its parent company which began with the allegation that another HYBE group is ripping off NewJeans
R Kelly fails to overturn Chicago conviction
R Kelly has failed in his bid to overturn a 2022 conviction for sexual abuse in the Chicago courts. Lawyers raised various issues with the judgment against the musician, including in relation to the statute of limitations, but an appeals court rejected them all
Astroworld victims want first trial to be livestreamed
The first Astroworld trial will begin next month. As that court hearing gets closer, lawyers working for the victims have asked for the proceedings to be livestreamed. They are also seeking more of the evidence gathered as part of the criminal investigation into the Astroworld crowd surge tragedy
Taylor Swift and Record Store Day push UK vinyl sales reach highest level since 1994
Over 300,000 vinyl albums and singles were sold in the UK last week. Taylor Swift and Record Store Day created a spike that pushed sales figures to their highest in three decades. This “shows physical music can stand tall alongside streaming”, say distributor Drew Hill


Could Co-op Group terminate Manchester arena naming rights deal? Fury mounts as safety incident forces yet more Co-op Live show cancellations
As Co-op Live cancels yet another show, the fall-out is beginning to impact on the reputation of Co-op Group, the venue’s naming partner. As a member-owned society this could be at odds with its governing rules that say directors have a responsibility to “maintain the reputation” of Co-op Group
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