May 24, 2024 3 min read

Setlist Podcast: “Spotify is not a business partner”, says NMPA boss

The NMPA ramps up its battle with Spotify, Sony sues Marriott

Setlist Podcast: “Spotify is not a business partner”, says NMPA boss

On this week's show we discuss the battle between the music publishers and Spotify as it ramps up another gear, Sony Music's lawsuit accusing the Marriott hotel chain of “rampant” copyright infringement, and more.

Section times

01: Spotify (00:04:39)
02: News in brief (00:22:15)
03: Sony Music (00:25:13)
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This week's main stories

NMPA boss calls for change to US copyright law in Spotify dispute
Earlier this week the US National Music Publishers Association said that publishers should be allowed to opt out of the compulsory licence relied upon by streaming services. Yesterday its CEO said that change is required because Spotify’s conduct has proven the current system isn’t working
Sony Music sues Marriott hotels over social media videos
Sony Music has sued the Marriott hotel chain over its use of music on videos posted to social media. The major label accuses Marriott of “rampant infringement” and says that it is filing its lawsuit in an effort to “recover damages for Marriott’s wilful conduct”

News in brief

Leadmill eviction battle in court
The Electric Group was in court yesterday seeking to enforce its eviction order against the current management team at Sheffield’s The Leadmill. It owns the building and wants to directly run the venue. The current team raised logistical and human rights objections to the forced change in management
Live industry welcomes ticket tout prison sentences
The live music industry has welcomed the prison sentences handed to four people found guilty of operating a fraudulent ticket resale business. Stuart Camp - who manages Ed Sheeran - said he hoped it would set “an important precedent in the live music industry”
TikTok wants lawsuit against US government fast-tracked
Both TikTok and a group of creators have filed lawsuits seeking to block the TikTok-targeting law recently passed by US Congress. With that law setting a deadline for TikTok to be sold or banned of 19 Jan 2025, TikTok and the creators want their lawsuits fast-tracked by the court
Scarlett Johansson accuses ChatGPT of stealing her voice
ChatGPT now has five AI voice assistants, one of which actor Scarlett Johansson says sounds suspiciously like her. She says she previously declined to have her voice used in such a way by the company. It denies that the assistant is supposed to sound like her but has taken it down

Also mentioned

Live Nation sued under anti-competition laws by US government
The US Department Of Justice has sued Live Nation over allegations of anticompetitive conduct. It follows the government department’s most recent investigation into the live giant’s dominance in tours, venues and ticketing. The lawsuit asks the court to force Live Nation to sell Ticketmaster
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