On this week's show we discuss Universal and TikTok’s big bust up that has seen the major label’s music removed from the social network, the damning report on the “boys’ club” music industry and how it holds women back, and more.

01: UMG v TikTok (00:02:49)
02: News in brief (00:13:57)
03: Misogyny In Music report (00:17:20)
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Universal Music is going to war with TikTok, accusing the social media giant of bullying and intimidation
After using its power and influence to force through changes to how streaming platforms pay for music, Universal Music - the biggest music company in the world - has set its sights on TikTok, which it accuses of “bullying and intimidation” in licensing negotiations.
TikTok accuses Universal of “greed” and “false narrative”, begins removing tracks
Universal Music released tracks are being removed from TikTok’s music library following the breakdown of licensing talks between the major and the social media platform - if no new deal is agreed the dispute will also mean Universal published songs being blocked, which will impact on other labels
Misogyny remains “endemic” in “boys’ club” music industry says UK parliamentary report
UK Parliament’s Women And Equalities Committee has published a damning report on misogyny in the music industry. It found that harassment and abuse frequently go unreported, with some companies actively suppressing such claims, and makes numerous proposals for new legislation to tackle the issue


Lords committee calls on government to clarify copyright obligations of AI companies
The House Of Lords Communications And Digital Committee has published a report on the regulation of AI. On copyright matters, it clearly sets out the position that tech firms should not use existing content to train AI models without getting permission from copyright owners
71% of music creators fear multi-billion dollar music AI business could stop songwriters from earning a living, says new report
Music industry collecting societies GEMA and SACEM have published a report on music and AI, based on a survey of 15,000 songwriter and publisher members. It sets out the opportunities and the threats posed by AI to the music-making community
Music industry celebrates YouTube passing 100 million premium subscribers
The music industry has welcomed the news that YouTube now has more than 100 million subscribers for its premium services, which include YouTube Music - with praise lavished on the once hated video platform by various music companies as it declared the news
UK government publishes new UK streaming transparency code
Part of the UK government’s wider work on the economics of music streaming, a transparency code has been published which sees streaming services and music companies commit to provide more information to artists, songwriters and their managers about digital deals and royalties


RIAA welcomes US government’s latest piracy reports, but urges a “close look” at voice cloning sites
The office of the US Trade Representative has published its annual ‘Notorious Markets Report’ that lists online platforms that concern American copyright owners - the record industry has welcomed the report even though its request that unofficial voice cloning sites be included was ignored

Read the full 'Misogyny In Music' report

The F-List’s Vick Bain on UK Parliament’s Misogyny In Music report and the industry’s next steps
Researcher and consultant Vick Bain welcomes the new report from Parliament’s Women And Equalities Committee on Misogyny In Music and outlines how the industry should respond to it
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