Oct 11, 2023 1 min read

Fred Again signed Universal publishing deal

Fred Again has signed a new worldwide publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing

Fred Again signed Universal publishing deal

Universal Music Publishing has signed a new worldwide publishing deal with Fred Again.

The producer and his manager Alex Gibson say in a joint statement: “We are so excited to be working with Universal Music Publishing. Pete Simmons is one of the most exceptional A&Rs in the world, a brilliant creative collaborator and most of all a 12/10 friend. Jody Gerson runs a brilliant company and we can’t wait to work closely with her and her team.”

The there mentioned Gerson, CEO of Universal Music Publishing, adds: “All of us at UMPG are huge fans of Fred. I look forward to all he will accomplish globally as an artist, DJ, writer and producer. Additionally, I’ve been so impressed with Fred and Alex’s commitment to increasing the number of women working in music. They enthusiastically partnered with She Is The Music on our UK mentorship programme for female producers and it was a big success”.

Meanwhile, Pete Simmons, who also got a mention up there you might have noticed, says: “The reason why I wanted to get into A&R was so I could work alongside my favourite artists and songwriters. With Fred, we have both of those things and I am lucky to call him my friend. I have watched the world realise his extraordinary talents as a songwriter, a producer and now an artist, and he’s just warming up”.

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