Nov 24, 2023 4 min read

Setlist Podcast: Spotify insists royalty changes will help emerging artists

On this week's episode, Spotify's confirmation of plans to update how it pays out (or doesn't pay out) royalties, the decision to bounce the MSG Sphere venue out of London, and more

Setlist Podcast: Spotify insists royalty changes will help emerging artists

On this week's show we've got a big round-up of Spotify news, in particular the company's confirmation of changes to the way it pays out (or doesn't pay out) royalties. We also discuss plans for an MSG Sphere venue like the one recently opened in Las Vegas being bounced out of London. Oh, and we've spruced up the format of the show a little, including the introduction of a news in brief section to bring you even more music industry news.

01: Spotify (00:03:30)
02: News in brief (00:16:37)
03: MSG Sphere (00:20:35)
(Timings may be slightly different due to adverts)


Spotify confirms changes to its payment process - including the 1000 plays a year threshold
Spotify has confirmed the changes it is making to the way it pays out royalties each month, with new policies around stream manipulation and functional audio, and the 1000 plays a year threshold that tracks must pass to earn anything at all
Specifics of Spotify’s deal with Google on in-app payments revealed in Epic court case
Details have been revealed about Spotify’s deal with Google around in-app payments on Android devices - when users make payments via Spotify’s own transactions system it doesn’t have to pay any fees to the tech giant
Spotify says it will exit Uruguay next year because of new performer ER right in copyright law
Spotify has announced that it will stop operating in Uruguay next year because of a change to the country’s copyright law that provides performers with a statutory right to equitable remuneration when their music is streamed
London mayor blocks MSG’s grand plan to build a Sphere venue next to the Olympic Park
London mayor Sadiq Khan has blocked plans to build an MSG Sphere venue in Stratford concluding that the proposed entertainment complex - covered in an LED screen - “would result in an unacceptable negative impact on local residents”


BMI confirms deal to sell to New Mountain Capital
Private equity outfit New Mountain Capital has agreed a deal to buy US collecting society BMI - terms of the deal are not known but $100 million will be distributed to songwriters and publishers allied to the organisation
US Senate committee subpoenas Live Nation to access documents for its investigation into “abusive consumer practices”
A committee in the US Senate has accused Live Nation of “egregiously stonewalling” its investigation into “abusive consumer practices” and has sent a subpoena to the live giant demanding access to documentation about its ticketing business
Council Of Music Makers criticises lack of music-maker representation at government roundtable on AI and the creative industries
The Council Of Music Makers has expressed concern about a government roundtable on the impact of AI on the creative industries taking place today which involves all three major record companies but no music-makers
Shakira strikes deal with Spanish prosecutors to avoid €14.5m tax fraud trial
Colombian singer to pay €7.3m fine instead of risking prison sentence in deal that ends Barcelona trial
LadBaby bow out of Christmas number one race
LadBaby will not be releasing a Christmas single this year, after scoring five consecutive Christmas number ones. They say they want more charities to have a chance to enjoy the exposure that can be gained by being linked to a festive chart contender


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